How does your service stand out?

Bath Transformations, LLC custom designs and builds bathrooms that feature the three attributes that everyone wants: they are beautiful, they are easy to clean, and they are affordable. All our products have lifetime warranties, good for as long as you own your home! With over 25 years of experience, we know what it takes to deliver the highest quality in both our products and our service.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Our process is very customer friendly. We ask a lot of questions. Every bathroom we do is unique, custom designed for each client we serve. We don't waste your time with powerpoint presentations that take up hours and bore everyone. Our time is your time and we spend as much as it takes to see if we are a good match for your project.

We want to schedule a time that is convenient for all parties that will participate in the decision making process to meet with us in their home. It's important for several reasons that we do that. Everyone that plays a part in the decision will have questions and preferences regarding the company, the process, the products, and the price. By having everyone present, we have found that it allows everyone to get their questions answered and the dynamic typically generates more discussion and inquiry than meeting individually.

We bring all our materials to a customer's home so that they can see what they look like in their home and bathroom. It's much easier to see what looks good there than in a showroom with different lighting, space, and layout.

We also need to determine exactly what work will need to be done to deliver the project. Our quotes are firm quotes, in that we never go above that quote once work starts (unless new products are added to the job by the homeowner), so we need to be on-site to get an accurate idea of what we will be doing.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

The most important thing for customers to do before calling to schedule interviews for professionals is to go on-line and research what it costs to redo bathrooms today. Remodeling a bathroom is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience so most clients aren't knowledgable about remodeling costs. There are several great resources available on-line including HGTV, Houzz, Cost vs Value report by Remodeling Contractor magazine, Consumer Reports, and NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association. Become knowledgable so that you pay for quality but don't overpay to a shady contractor.

Almost every homeowner we talk with has an idea of what they want from their new bathroom. There are many reasons to renovate. Recent surveys by Houzz show that most homeowners choose to redo their bathroom because they are tired of the old look and want to update to something that is closer to their taste and lifestyle. Houzz has thousands of pictures of bathrooms for all budgets and all sizes.

Many homeowners are redoing their bathrooms because they have worn out or damaged fixtures that must be replaced. Do you want to replace with another bathtub or to a popular walk-in shower? How long are you planning on staying in your home? What budget do you have for your renovation?

And a large segment of our business is with seniors and aging adults that are making their bathroom safer and more adaptable to their lifestyle so would a barrier free shower work or would a walk-in tub provide more benefit?

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

There are several very important questions to ask regarding the company, the workers, and the products:

  1. Make your provider give you a detailed breakdown in writing detailing the work they will be performing and the products they will be installing. You don't want to have any confusion about either of those. Renovating a bathroom is a very detailed and involved process so make sure all the details are laid out clearly and accurately in a written document.
  2. Find out if they are using skilled, trained, and insured workers. Too many companies have no idea who the workers that the subcontractors they have hired are sending into your home. Don't let your bathroom be the first one the workers have ever done. Our installers are all factory trained and insured.
  3. How long has the company suppling your products been in business? Our suppliers have all been in business for decades, providing quality products to thousands of clients every year.
  4. What is the warranty on the products being installed and the labor that installed them? Most products have a limited warranty period. Some claim to have a lifetime warranty, but unless it's spelled out to specify what lifetime they are warranting, the period is usually 7 years. And labor is almost always just 1 year. Research shows that most problems begin occurring between the 15th and 20th month so the 12 month labor warranty doesn't cover it. Our products all have a lifetime warranty that is good for as long as you own your home, regardless of the number of years. And our labor warranty covers 10 years. When excellent products are installed by workers that are skilled, experienced, and care about their work, problems and service calls are rare.